Tips on Writing Your UCF Admissions Essay

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Tips on Writing Your UCF Admissions Essay

December 27, 2019 essay writing 0

UCF Admission Essay Is Optional but Writing it is Highly Recommended

UCF admission essay is not a mandatory requirement, but it is highly recommended. Students applying for admission to University of Central Florida (UCF) as undergraduate students have the option to submit an admission essay or a personal statement with their applications. Though it is not compulsory, applicants should consider it as a golden opportunity to showcase their suitability to be selected to join the university. The admission committee has better confidence in choosing an applicant, when additional information on the applicant is provided through the admission essay or the personal essay.

Writing an Admission Essay is a Revelation of Self

Admission essay is a self-revelation that demonstrates the qualities, goals, achievements and talents of the applicant to the members of the admission committee. In addition to being informative, it has to be a marketing exercise that is subtly persuasive. Admission essay writing is not an easy task as it has to serve many purposes expected from an admission essay. Students applying for UFC have to realize that submitting an excellent admission essay can greatly enhance their chances of selection, even though the essay is not a compulsory requirement. Therefore, they should take maximum use of this opportunity.

Five Tips to follow when writing Admission Essays

There are many important things that help an applicant to write a winning UCF admission essay.

• Admission essay should have theme and a thesis. Selecting a theme and building the thesis on a very narrow aspect is advisable.
• Start with writing an outline that helps to write an essay that is concise, coherent and well organized.
• Essay is about you. Write, about your hobbies, world outlook, experiences, achievements or the goals.
• Write in the first person (I ….).
• Edit and revise the essay two or three times before you submit it.

Five things to avoid in Admission Essays

College essay guidelines provide advice on things to do and things not to do when writing admission essays. Here are some actions that applicants must avoid.

• Don’t select inappropriate topics and avoid references to issues that are too personal in nature.
• Don’t be arrogant. Bragging is not liked by anybody. Don’t blow your trumpet loud and don’t put down others.
• Don’t write anything that is irrelevant, redundant or unbelievable. Admission essay must not be too lengthy.
• Don’t use uncommon and archaic words in your admission essay. Always use words that you use normally.
• You are applying to college. Do not use slang and abbreviations in your essay.

Write that Winning UCF Admission Essay with Professional Help

As you have already selected UCF as your dream college, you have to exert all your energy and efforts to get your admission secured. Writing a top-grade UCF admission essay is one step towards that goal. One way to ensure a first-rate admission essay, is enlisting professional essay help from a good essay writing company. Persuade the admission committee to select you with an outstanding admission essay.

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